Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Welcome to cargo cult management. I've been particularly unlucky in the events I've been to recently, or else somehow the voice of the customer is becoming an extinct species. Went to a social evening at the gym. It was obvious that the management had looked at all the factors involved: disco, food, drink, space. But they hadn't considered that the typical customer may have a certain fondness for 60s or 70s type music with a cheerful, defined beat. So the people attending with damned both ways. They didn't know the music or how to adapt their antiquated style of dancing to it (me, I just seized the nearest unattached man and said I wanted to dance before the buffet); but the music was too loud for anything but brief roars of conversation. It's all very well for the management to have an idea about the aims of the evening, but let the poor bloody customers in on it as well, can't you?

It's too depressing to mention other examples, there's just too many of them.

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