Monday, January 14, 2002

Happy new year, my anonymous international readers. I thought I'd better get something done, otherwise I'd have been waiting for the Chinese New Year and then I'm sure I could have found some other form of new year. College last week was not the barriers to quality initiatives I was expecting to discuss; it was a give me your assignment and then shove off so I can have an early night type of thing: class started at 6pm, I was out at 6.15pm. And, because I'm supposed to be revising for exams I won't actually be having until June, I now have three weeks where everyone will expect me to be at college and I'll be a totally free agent. So week 1 was spent doing ceroc. Big mistake: or as one exasperated partner said: "Next time, take a couple of whiskies beforehand to relax yourself". Ceroc is such a sexist dance, perhaps that's part of the fun. Well, I've been twice and I know the Wurtzlicher move. I'll need to go again for my own self respect as I, surely, can't be that awful all the time.

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