Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Just a bit of code to keep in a safe(ish) place: guestmap

Well, I know what I'm gonna say about the metrics and I've got an inkling about the probability theory graphs - it's just going over everything again and again when there are far more interesting things to do (like breathing ...). Mood: hopeless. Feelings: why bother?

Sunday, January 27, 2002

Well, happy dance, I got question 1 done. It took 4 hours and 3/4 packet of biscuits which had been earmarked elsewhere, and I'm celebrating by going on a mad cycle in the rain (sign, one thinks resignedly, of being a true Brit). There's a bit more of a rant about metrics than I really ought to submit - I ought to say things like "It has been reported [quote ref" rather than "the way metrics are reported in this company ..." (see, even the keyboard refuses to print what I want), but it's Six Sigma done, 1481 words. Next stop: making sense of probability theory. Then the dreaded cumsum charts.

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