Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Corporate strategy, made somewhat more difficult by having a huge corporation to cover in a miniscule number of words. I'm torn: either I can describe the strategy of a subset of the company, knowing that the strategy is very much centralised at headquarters, or I can take the headquarters' viewpoint, which is much juicier. But first, I have to give a capsule of the company, which is today's task. That's difficult in itself, but what's even more difficult is putting the very technical product into words which laymen can understand, and (worse!) to do it in words which show I understand it myself!

On the other hand, you don't get a Masters by messing around, despite the regular supply of emails I get, temptingly offering to sell me one "from one of the lesser known universities". My Masters is going to be won in blood, sweat and tears, preferably all my own. The difficulty of this year is to get the assignments and exams done (which involves a huge amount of stress) without spilling over onto other people. Which, I guess, is where the gym comes in. Or would, if I could work out how on earth to fit it in to the schedule.

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