Friday, November 16, 2001

So it's time to start thinking about Christmas presents (which need to have ample time in the post, otherwise I wouldn't even consider wasting time on thought until December). This year, everyone is to have politically correct gifts, since *she* works in that sort of shop, which isn't doing as well as it could, hence the patronage. The way it works is that I buy a whole load of presents which may or may not be suitable, but which do generally have the recipients in mind. I wrap them up, post them, and, because they aren't labelled, the recipients are faced with a massive lucky dip. I imagine them, in a circle on Christmas Day, doing all sorts of swaps. Last year, it backfired rather, as I got the most marvellous furry hat (the type with flaps) with someone in mind, but it got abducted by someone else altogether. I have actually resisted the temptation to get a Free Tibet t-shirt, on the grounds that there are a lot of them still, and the next installment will be to get a whole load of bath torpedoes which, apparently, really explode. I think I might get one for myself - I imagine it taking off at one end of the bath and thrusting its way through the water, under or over any obstacles (not through, I hope), until it expires, exhausted and limp, at the other end.

The Christmas market has arrived! It's not able to go in the same place as last year, due to extensive remodelling of the twin art galleries, but it is near by. With any luck, tomorrow will be cold and dry (I'm actually wanting the weather to be cold?) so I can have some gluhwein.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

The bike is called Phosphurus - it's a very female bike, for all that it's got a male saddle and frame. It's also got a lot of bad habits! But I was pleased enough to have it available today as I needed to rush home in the middle of work time. Have decided that swimming every other day is reasonable. Found the passports (my secret fear was that, since the plane tickets and hotel have been arranged, the passportless people would be smuggled through customs, tucked under someone's coat or something like that). Also, a parcel has arrived, which is probably my statistics book, which means I have no further excuse to avoid doing a bit of work. I'll find out tomorrow, it may, however, be an early Christmas present. If I find out that it's a combination of both, I shall not be pleased. Statistics books have their place and are very worthy, but Christmas presents are supposed to be fun! Actually, I'm looking forward to the German market at Christmas - marvellous blackberry gluhwein and stollen.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

On closer inspection, I have a series of bruises from the bookshelf, and am aching all over, so have certainly paid well for it. Cycled to the supermarket, got too many purchases, so had to walk back, holding both shopping and bike. Not quite the exercise I had in mind.

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