Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Exhausting day. I was just putting on my coat after an ISO audit, deciding that I'd done more than my share of saving the world, when my opposite number came rushing up with an incipient disaster. There's not much you can do in that situation, except quietly reschedule the evening plans, so I took my coat off, rebooted the machine and waited for an hour until I could reverse those actions and get the hell out.

The evening plans involved attending a talk by Muriel Gray. I don't think her talk was particularly original (actually, it reminded me of one I once heard from Jeffrey Archer), but she presented it well and enthusiastically, and a lot can be forgiven for that. It was in a moderately strange part of town, so I walked the wrong way when I left the hotel - not that there's any wrong way in a town as small as this, but it meant that instead of walking for twenty minutes and getting half way home, I found myself at a bus stop. Fortunately, a bus came ...

Feel quite proud of following the auditing advice my boss gives: answer the questions precisely and never volunteer information.

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