Saturday, October 06, 2001

Jeans for Genes day. Interesting. When sitting at a desk, everyone looked normal - formal suits. When they stood up, there were battered, comfortable, tattered jeans - not. I forgot about it completely, and wore the same suit I normally wear on Fridays, which is traditionally a casual day (short black suit, embroidered with tiny pink flowers).

Went to chocolate soup, which is traditionally where I meet Rab on Friday afternoons, then he goes off with his friends. I was five minutes late; he thought the rendezvous was 30 minutes early; so when we caught up with each other (much later that evening), we were mutually reproachful. Anyway, I sat down to have a cup of soup, seeing as I was there, and someone came up to me to say that, actually, she was sitting at that table. I said ok, fine by me. She hesitated and said she was with someone else. I said, ok, there are three other seats at the table. She hesitated and went off to another table. I was left feeling I'd been rude.

Am worried about my presentation. The material I've prepared is on quality information systems; the rest of the team have prepared material on knowledge management. I knew absolutely nothing about knowledge management until I started reading the papers earlier this evening. Now I have to think really hard about this, when I'd rather be on the web, and drinking an orange Barcadi Breezer.

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Good day, lots of research. Unfortunately the problem is not producing a whole bulk of paper, but finding the salient facts and putting them into easily understood order with diagrams.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

First day at Uni yesterday (well, first day of second year). All fired up with enthusiasm, though it is going to involve a lot more work than I've really got time for, also there's a study deadline for Friday which is a bit soon imho. Uni is set on one of the seven hills of Edinburgh; coming out, I saw the full, golden moon rising above the elephantine shadow of Arthur's Seat against the deep darkness of the sky; beautiful. This was slightly marred by the realisation that the last bus left 45 minutes ago. Fortunately, two miles later, I found a bus which took me most of the way home.

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