Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I'm staring at No 1 of my 250 business cards with some satisfaction: it's step 1 of creating my new business and declares me to be a Quality Researcher. The card itself is quite attractive: a scenic view of mountains on the left, the important information on the right, together with my mobile number (note to self, remember to turn mobile on occasionally). I realise that all good quality people should get it Right First Time, but I think these are going to be the beta set, since after attending some seminars for start-up businesses, I realise that I'll have to spell out just what exactly I can do in words of one syllable that the customer can understand. Quality plans may be the one thing a customer wants, but Auditing will need to go on the card, 'cos people think they know what it means. The closer I get to setting up my business, the more scared I get. I know who my customers ought to be, but shepherding them into the fold is going to be a bit more difficult and I need to hang on to my current job until I get a core of customers, plus I've got my dissertation to do as well. And in any spare moments, I'd rather like to keep a bit of a social life.

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