Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Arrived home late (perhaps this is a template or should be taken for granted), this time brandishing wild rowan jelly to go with the venison (I cook venison once a week). The other people in the house who tried the pate described as weird, something which was only eaten because it was there and they were hungry, and it needed the serious application of Danish pastries to take away the ferrous taste. I could leave it in the fridge in case there are any unwary visitors, who would also be offered the lemon and ginger herb tea I detest. Or is it better just to cut one's losses and throw out anything undesirable? Problem with that is that some new things can be good: I call basil, coriander as witnesses, goat's cheese and balsamic vinegar, basil oil, all of which are discoveries. And tirimisu. I love it. Why does it have to be so creamy, fattening and generally moreish? I spent 45 minutes in Sainsbury's prowling around before I could summon up enough self-discipline not to leap on the tirimisus and run for the hills.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Arrived home (late) with treats: grapes (should have been ok - but were tasteless), exciting new pate with apricots and peppers (never again) and pseudo-Lancashire hotpot (never been within five thousand miles of Lancashire). But would these treats have got such a cool reception if everyone hadn't already been stressed out by exams and job hunting? Saw a mock Statistics paper which leads me to believe that I am in serious danger of passing the exam. No one I know has heard of The Quality Map, and internet references are very scarce. However, I have a sexy new calculator, which I'm very pleased with, though there is something seriously wrong in my world when I find calculators sexy.

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