Saturday, June 29, 2002

As a change from researching Alfred Russel Wallace, looked myself up on the internet, and saw all the other people [of my name] who I could, perhaps, have been. There's the athletic one, the one with a social conscience, the good one and the one who has awful taste in books. And me. I'm like a fossil. The aspects of me - and probably everyone else appearing on the internet - are fragmentary and incomplete. But recognisable (well, to me, at least, though I spent some time chasing other same names' messages from old newsgroups, as they were the sort of things I am interested in).

Passed my project, by the way - not that I had anticipated failing it. 8000 words of EFQM and improvement methodologies. Just need to hear about two exams now: statistics and strategy. But I'm not worried enough - yet - to do revision just in case. I'm trying, hard, to be optimistic about it all. Besides, to tell the truth, I'm dead beat. If I'm not spending a hot, sweaty afternoon crawling around unpacking equipment, I'm spending an equally tiring time sorting out the customs forms, and that's on top of normal work. And the spring cleaning. I've nearly finished one room of the flat: plenty more to go. Tomorrow, I think I should start on my bedroom.

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