Monday, April 15, 2002

Damn neurotransmitters. Now, instead of getting out of work, going to the gym and coming home to sit in a nice, warm bed and study, I have to completely rearrange this, as burning up a daily 500 calories or so messes with my neurotransmitters and I can't work. I thought it was a special cause at first, and tried a few variations like burning less or using machines I preferred or spending less time or increasing my cooling out exercises, which I'm notoriously bad at. But now, I just have to face facts and either give up on study (unthinkable) or work out after study, which will mean either studying at work which is possible, but not ideal, or going home, then having to go out into the unwelcoming cold of a Scottish evening to get to the leisure centre about 9pm. Or there's the alternative of studying in the very early morning, when I do, actually, prefer to have a leisurely breakfast in bed. Oh, I suppose I could go swimming in the early morning for this week, then work, then study, then, eventually, go home. My head is hurting.

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