Thursday, September 06, 2001

The college kids are back. They're clogging up the buses, though I guess I should be grateful they're not commuting to college by elephant - that would cause all sorts of chaos [thinks: gleefully about college kids falling off from a great height].

They are young, earnest, and curiously unformed. They use the bus to earnestly look at their notes - give them three months and they'll be using the bus to finish their essays.

Perhaps I'm envious. I need to wait until next week to find out if I'm going back to college or not.

Intended to cook spaghetti carbonara tonight, but tomato sauce was proposed instead. It was quite good, I thought, quick to cook, not much to wash up afterwards. dressed in boxer shorts and, naturally, very thin, handing me my slippers, but ...) Actually, I don't have any slippers.

Damn, forgot to add fresh parsley from the plant on the windowsill.

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