Friday, September 07, 2001

I touched it today, and also inspected the insides. Four times. (Thinks: after engineers prodding the inards, something they do instinctively, I would expect that Typhoon gets a thorough going over before the next tv show.

Apparently, Matilda got mauled, and the robot ref, who happened to get in the way, was more or less pulverised.

This is all the goss from Robot Wars, so, gentle reader, make sure you watch it, please, some time in October on BBC.

The outside casing is very much scratched and there's a few chunks of metal levered off - the screws don't seem to be where they ought to be, but that might be because they were unscrewed to let people look at the insides.

And then I went to the National Library. It was like going into another world. I went in, time stopped, several hours later the rain had stopped, it was getting dark. Will go it again.

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