Thursday, September 27, 2001

Interesting: that is the word for the weekend. Good or pleasant or absolutelybloodyfantastic could have been appropriate words until Sunday afternoon which consisted of a family get together followed by watching the Kubrick/Spielberg film, "AI" Of which, the less said, the better, unless you like Kubrick brilliance and Spielberg sentimentality.

Still, seeing as it’s only five weeks’ away on Wednesday, Samhainn is taking a slightly higher profile. The first meeting took place in a quiet lounge, with masks perched on every available surface and - get this - a real fire. There were chocolate biscuits, too, but a peat fire is something far more valuable than any sort of chocolate. It was one of those good news, bad news sorts of night. Good news: I had plenty of money on me, for once. Bad news: someone had finally remembered to bring the four volumes of “The Silver Bough” and this had to be paid for. Bad news: the meeting lasted for 2.5 hours. Good news: I found the elusive Italian bakery and got a spinach calzone and a vanilla carcotti. Bad news: it’s getting cold at night. Good news: I have a genuine nurse’s cloak (scarlet lining and all) and am not afraid to use it.

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