Friday, September 28, 2001

It's a very wet day, it's also very dark. I've just returned from splashing about (unintentionally) in dark puddles. My shoes have gone beyond rebellion and are now into severe self-pity. What have they done, they moan, to deserve such punishment? They are comfortable, they haven't given me blisters, what more can they do?

The reward of all this is that a cooked breakfast is - will be - on offer. Of course, I could retort to my shoes that getting up in the middle of the night to make breakfast for people who will, probably, insist on having it in bed, is equal cruel and unusual punishment for me. My feeling is that, in a household, everyone should contribute according to their means. Funnily enough, that does not entail one person doing all the housework with two people making all the mess.

I also have to decide what project to study for University. I can go for (relatively) easy and congenial but moderately irrelevant or (extremely useful) difficult and useful. Or I can insist on doing something completely different.

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