Friday, September 21, 2001

My professor emailed me today, in a rather muted way: I'm back at University. I'd actually just become reconciled to not going back, as there was one exam I just couldn't pass - it was a complicated matter of an uncongenial subject and a mind block and - ok, if I'm being honest - just not working properly for it and leaving too much to the last minute. But the University has looked at my other work and acknowledged that yes, I did try, even if I didn't get 100%, so I can come back, but if I screw up again, I can just kiss goodbye to any chances of graduating. So I did a little dance of joy and told my manager, who was properly pleased, and who conceded that I could get exam days off instead of having to take them as holidays.

I wouldn't normally go to an AGM to celebrate: it was just an unfortunate coincidence, though I went to the pub afterwards and found myself sucked into going to a formal ball in a couple of weeks' time. One woman, with a particularly unfortunately Roman profile, came burrowing through the crowd to me, wanting me to attend the Christmas party, and I said yes, sure. I won't be going to many others! It's expensive and out of town (the hint is: the hotel offers free transport back to town). So how do you get out to the hotel - it was crowded, and I was a bit blurred, but I think I was a bit silly there. I'll just have to put it down to a new experience.

And I have a book on order by my hero Thomas Pyzdek!

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