Monday, September 03, 2001

So the Christmas do is fixed: we are to go to an Abba tribute night and eat a very indifferent meal (duck pate, pan fried chicken, chocolate torte with fruit coulis, mince pies and coffee - almost makes you ask for a vegetarian option on the grounds that it can hardly be worse). The problem is that our boss now has three groups, none of whom know each other much, and somehow they have to be melded together. Is Abba strong enough for the task? Probably not, but we'll have fun finding out.

Sunday September 2, 2001: Spent the day in a state of mild shock. It wasn't so much seeing the Union Jack flying over the castle, when I'm more used to seeing saltires, but going off to hospital at 4am and making small talk during the endless waiting. I used to have a special hospital pack: books, soft toys, something to eat, pen and paper ... the eating bit is the most important of all, you can't move in case the doctor comes out with news, but you are sitting there in the dry, hospital environment, gasping like a fish who's jumped too far into the unknown.

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