Wednesday, September 05, 2001

So I got a promotion. Maybe I didn't say it loud enough. I GOT A PROMOTION!!!!!! I now have two guys under me and the sensitive and difficult task of melding us all into one team, which is going to be tricky.

I had a promotion party: warm mulled wine with orange juice (I like that, hideous though it sounds) and a huge Buffy celebration cake. I thought it only right and proper to stab the icing picture of Buffy in the heart and give it a good twist, then cut off one of her arms and her very short skirt, after which I decided that I'd had more than enough.

The day after was tolerable, but seemed to go on for ever (I'm going into work late, as I need to go to school first, which means that I have to work late to keep up my hours). I live for the holidays - for the first time ever in my working mother career.

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