Monday, October 15, 2001

I think I got thrown out of a shop today. It was a huntin', shootin' fishin' place and I was looking for something specific, which they didn't have (as I noticed with some relief, considering the prices). I was directed, with exquisite courtesy, to another shop and was halfway along the road when I realised that perhaps we hadn't presented the picture of ideal customers (I was wearing the blue silk lounge pajamas with a short black pvc coat, she was wearing the spiky collar, pinstrip jacket, black jeans and t-shirt with the "I'm a faery princess" logo). So we then went to Travel Light, where the sales assistant had more pressing things to do, like remain cowering in the stockroom, until we left (they didn't have what I wanted, but even so ...). I barely got through the door of the Army and Navy stores before the shop assistant told me she didn't have what I wanted, and I didn't even have the spiky collar with me then! The sales assistant at Tescos lifted up my basked with disdain, which was quite unmerited, as it contained politically correct things like organic bananas, fresh basil and Scottish lamb. At which point I started wondering if I was over reacting ...?

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