Saturday, October 06, 2001

Jeans for Genes day. Interesting. When sitting at a desk, everyone looked normal - formal suits. When they stood up, there were battered, comfortable, tattered jeans - not. I forgot about it completely, and wore the same suit I normally wear on Fridays, which is traditionally a casual day (short black suit, embroidered with tiny pink flowers).

Went to chocolate soup, which is traditionally where I meet Rab on Friday afternoons, then he goes off with his friends. I was five minutes late; he thought the rendezvous was 30 minutes early; so when we caught up with each other (much later that evening), we were mutually reproachful. Anyway, I sat down to have a cup of soup, seeing as I was there, and someone came up to me to say that, actually, she was sitting at that table. I said ok, fine by me. She hesitated and said she was with someone else. I said, ok, there are three other seats at the table. She hesitated and went off to another table. I was left feeling I'd been rude.

Am worried about my presentation. The material I've prepared is on quality information systems; the rest of the team have prepared material on knowledge management. I knew absolutely nothing about knowledge management until I started reading the papers earlier this evening. Now I have to think really hard about this, when I'd rather be on the web, and drinking an orange Barcadi Breezer.

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