Monday, October 08, 2001

Rain, rain, rain and rain. And cleaning out (mercifully long disused) gents urinals is not how I get my kicks on a Sunday afternoon. There was a cleaning bee - charming name for a lot of unpleasant work. I went armed with cleaning materials and rubber gloves and lots of large black plastic bags for rubbish. Emptied a box room (the ex-gents), cleaned it (floor, walls, tiles, toilet, washbasin), sat on various blocks of wood which were being sawed to stabilise them, measured up more wood to be made into freestanding containers and realised that since all this had taken 2.5 hours, I was free to go home. So went home and slept. This, of course, has irritating results for my knowledge management study which is being pushed into the last minute - again. I decided that this year I'd pace myself better

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