Thursday, November 15, 2001

The bike is called Phosphurus - it's a very female bike, for all that it's got a male saddle and frame. It's also got a lot of bad habits! But I was pleased enough to have it available today as I needed to rush home in the middle of work time. Have decided that swimming every other day is reasonable. Found the passports (my secret fear was that, since the plane tickets and hotel have been arranged, the passportless people would be smuggled through customs, tucked under someone's coat or something like that). Also, a parcel has arrived, which is probably my statistics book, which means I have no further excuse to avoid doing a bit of work. I'll find out tomorrow, it may, however, be an early Christmas present. If I find out that it's a combination of both, I shall not be pleased. Statistics books have their place and are very worthy, but Christmas presents are supposed to be fun! Actually, I'm looking forward to the German market at Christmas - marvellous blackberry gluhwein and stollen.

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