Saturday, May 04, 2002

Naturally, I (loyally) never say that quality is boring and, really, it hardly ever is. But, today, I nearly fell off my chair in terminal wanting to do anything else but that - a mock self assessment of the company. I had a questionnaire to analyse and the results of interviews with (different) questions and I had to score it and justify the scoring and do a RADAR analysis all in only 8000 words. Sure, I took a few breaks, but, hell, six hours on that produced only 2000 words, so I've got to go through it all again next weekend, doing processes this time, though I might cheer myself up by doing a bit of background information - scope, purposes, how the data was gathered, why the particular sources were chosen. I have got to choose some interesting subject for a thesis, or I'll never get to graduate! Still, gotta get through these exams first, which is going to be a struggle for everyone. I don't anticipate multo trouble with corporate strategy, though it's not a subject I like, but the statistics one is going to be terrible. Question: do you screw up May by revising hard or do you screw up the summer having to do a resit? Or, worse, do you screw up May and the summer as well? I have plans for the summer, and they don't include control charts!

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